Two connections make it fail-proof

Full primary and alternate connectivity whenever and wherever you need it.

A winning connectivity combination

Accel’s DualConnect seamlessly combines carrier and equipment diverse primary and alternate service to provide redundancy and keep your business connected, constantly. With two diverse circuits running on two different carriers, DualConnect merges the best of Accel’s connectivity offerings, to create a truly “always on” connection.

With DualConnect, you are in full control of your broadband network and, more importantly, how it is configured.

  • Primary/backup solution: The traditional approach, this configuration provides a primary connection to handle your daily operations while a secondary connection serves as your backup solution.
  • Active/active, load balancing connections: Spread your applications across both connections, better utilizing your bandwidth while ensuring continuous activity during network outages.

And our SLA applies to both connections – making it even bolder. With DualConnect, we guarantee you’ll be up and running 99.999% of the time.

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