Network Continuity

Your reliable backup plan

With the right backup connection, you won’t be scrambling when your primary connection goes down.

Failover protection and disaster recovery

Accel offers redundant connections as robust as the primary network you depend on – making sure your mission critical applications function no matter what. Our backup connection gives you peace of mind because with Accel, always on truly is always on.

Accel's always-on intelligent failover systems help enterprises

Better manage growth

Better manage growth

Limit risk

Limit risk

Reduce costs

Reduce costs

These first mile, high speed connections complement your primary network, delivering failover service that can keep your systems running through everyday outages and larger disasters.

Our redundant carrier interconnections ensures your connection and your data are available no matter what.

Plus, our alternate broadband connections are monitored by our proprietary real-time connectivity management system, Link Score. This ensures that you receive unprecedented visibility into your network performance, including data sent and received, daily network reporting and even future data use projections.

Rapid Install

Get Service Within Days

We’ve got you covered whenever and wherever you need it.


The Maestro Advantage

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