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Installation within days

While many providers talk a good game on install times, Accel has built its reputation on solid execution and delivery. With no build-out or construction required, Accel Networks can install services within days, not weeks, of receiving an order – anywhere nationwide.

We begin each installation with a Virtual Site Walk. This proprietary radio frequency analysis enables us to determine true RF strength based on multiple variables. Doing so provides higher accuracy based on a specific site analysis, compared to using carrier coverage maps at a zip code level. The result informs best carrier and configuration recommendations for each location.

Save time and money with Accel

Need more reasons to choose Accel? Consider this

  • With pricing innovations such as no upfront costs, no early termination fee and overage protection, we’re the only fixed wireless provider to offer consistent and predictable pricing so you don’t get any surprises.
  • Our proprietary Virtual Site Walk is more cost-effective than an in-person site visit.
  • When service is needed, time to address the issue is cut dramatically since the Maestro antenna can be adjusted remotely.

Proprietary radio frequency

Accel's proprietary radio frequency analysis lets our installation experts determine carrier and configuration, based on your location.

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Minimize business interruptions with a fast implementation

When looking for a cellular broadband partner, make sure the providers you evaluate

  • Require no upfront, out-of-pocket charges for equipment or installation
  • Have deep RF expertise
  • Establish the best link to support SLAs
  • Have access to all three major U.S. carrier networks
  • Use in-house installation experts with extensive indoor and outdoor project experience

Rapid Install

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